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Q:  What is the advantage of training with your All Hypnosis Training Center?

A:  The All Hypnosis Training Center is a trained and listed instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest and oldest association of its kind in the world, one that was cited for its efforts in The Congressional Journal..

The All Hypnosis Training Center has conducted classes for 11 years in The Richmond area.  Classes are held in a pleasant, aesthethically pleasing environment.

The instructor, Marie H. Beach, is an adjunct faculty instructor at The National Convention of The Guild.  She is an accomplished speaker, writer and teacher.

Our location is situated within a day's driving distance of half of the population of the United States so we are very accessible.  Richmond is a medium size city with much less traffic and provides reasonable lodging and ease of getting around than larger cities.

Q:  What do the 100 hours of instruction include?

A:   The 100 hours includes a combination of lectures, lecture-demonstrations, student practices, homework assignments, viewing hypnotism techniques taught through videos as well as by the instructor, executing written reports on articles in the two class training manuals, in-class mentoring via phone and email.  

Our classes are very experiental and hands-on and provide an excellent level of instruction from someone who still sees clients every day.  This level of excellence can not be duplicated in correspondence classes.      


Q:  What do I have when I graduate from the ALL Hypnosis Training Center?

A:  Good Question and we know you'll be pleased with the answer.


You have an international certification to practice hypnotism skills.   You have the right to use the designation of CH or CHT. which stands for Certified

Hypnotist or Certified Hypnotherapist.  Some states do not allow the latter

designation to be used.

You have the opportunity for continuation after graduation of being mentored via

phone or email or on certain occasions audio-conferencing.

You have the incredible and powerful resources of The National Guild of Hypnotists in back of you.  NGH has been the most powerful driving force behind taking the profession of hypnotism to a higher level.  It's incredible to realize that only a

few short years ago those entering the profession often received weekend training.

The NGH has reason to be very proud of its' efforts to bring the profession to new and greater heights of professionalism.

Q:   I understand that after certification there are CEU requirements.  What are they?

A:   The Guild requires 15 CEU's per year.  All CEU's are calculated hour for hour.  The great news is that you can select the mode of acquiring them that fits you best.  For instance, the Guild has hundreds and hundreds of resources to utilize in your quest.  They have in their extensive library, books, videos, DVD's to help you.  You can give workshops on any subject centered around hypnosis:  write a paper, attend our annual convention, record one of your sessions, or read a book or research and write a report. 

The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Q.  What is required to be eligible for this training in hypnotism?

First and foremost a desire to be of service.  Hypnotism is the most effective, efficient way to help people change their lives.  (Read other pages in our website).

Next a native intelligence that is curious, eager to learn and a frustration with the status quo.  Complementary health modalities are now a 21 billion dollar business and hypnotism is one of the top four mind-body therapies practiced by Americans today. according to the Harvard Medical School.

Complementary health methods, including hypnotism, is very definitely the wave of the future as traditional medical mode becomes outmoded.  Says author Dr.David Spiegel, of Stanford University School of Medicine, "Hypnosis is safer than virtually any medication any of us doctors use."